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A Halfway House Christmas

So I was bored, and browsing through and I found details about this...

A Halfway House Christmas (Official site)
A Halfway House Christmas (imdb page)

Plot Outline: In this spoof of reality television, five recovering drug and alcohol addicts try to live in a
house together during the holidays. Can they stay clean and sober for Christmas? Or will the network's quest for
ratings bring them down?

Credited cast:
Robert Romanus .... Daryl
Ryan Dunn .... Buzz
Rakeyohn .... Killer
Bob Goldthwait .... Narrator (voice)

rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Jared 'Evil' Hasselhoff .... Santa
Marisa Kettering .... Amanda
Kelly Kunik .... Patty
Chris Line .... Brett
Charles Moffitt .... Tweak
Rod Sellers .... Rod

Status: Filming
Status Updated: 17 March 2005

Also pictures in the Photo Album

Plus from Moyer's own site

Filming took place on Friday, April 1st with Robert Romanus at the Traxx Sports Pub and Bistro (formerly the Colmar Inn)
We finished the rest of the scenes with Robert on Saturday and Sunday.
On Wednesday, we shot a couple scenes with Rake Yohn and Ryan Dunn from Viva La Bam.

On Sunday, April 24th we finished production.

Check back soon for huge updates with lots of pictures and a trailer by the end of May.

So what do you all think?

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